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Can Gossip Girl’s Fashion Following Make It A Hit?

April 23, 2008

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Here is an excerpt from an excellent article from New York Daily News. Just talking about how popular the Gossip Girl ladies’ fashion is. And how because of that it could really help bring new fans on board for the show.

“Gossip Girl” may not be a ratings giant yet, but the CW teen drama has already shown an uncanny ability to affect style trends at large.

“Where is Serena’s tan leather jacket in ‘The Blair Bitch Project’ episode from?” wrote one fan on Tuesday. “Who is the designer? I need it!”

Monday night’s episode of “Gossip Girl,” the show’s first since the writers strike this winter, scored its third-best performance ever with its target demo of adults aged 18-34. It pulled in 2.44 million viewers overall.

CW executives are encouraged by those numbers and by the rabid buzz the show is receiving online - especially when it comes to “Gossip Girl’s” fashion following.

“We’re very encouraged by [Monday] night’s ratings, especially after three months’ hiatus,” Rick Haskins, executive vice president of marketing and brand strategy for the CW, told the Daily News. “Plus, we get well over 3 million page views a day on the ‘Gossip Girl’ site, and its fashion page is one of the most popular destinations on”

Click here to read the rest.

Also, I came across this great blog.  Dana, from Fashion Under $100, puts together “knock off” celebrity ensembles for $100 or less.  Check out one of her latest posts where she creates a popular “Blake Lively” look!

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