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Gossip Girl Episode Catch Up - The Ex Files & The Serena Also Rises

October 2, 2008

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Sorry to my loyal readers for the lack of posts.  I have had a lot going on in my household, but I finally was able to catch up and watch the last two episodes of Gossip Girl, The Ex Files and The Serena Also Rises.  I have to say, that was probably the most exciting 2 hours I’ve had in a very long time.  This show is seriously rocking it!  And I can’t wait until the next amazing episode!  I promise I’m going to do everything in my power to stay caught up and keep this blog updated from now on.  With that, here’s a great recap of The Serena Also Rises from BuddyTV:

Last week’s episode of Gossip Girl was filled with all the delicious scandal and glorious backstabbing we’ve come to expect from the series.  Blair successfully ran Marcus and Catherine out of town after Vanessa found the evil MILF making out with her stepson, but her absence now leaves Nate (Chace Crawford) with a ton of debt and nowhere to turn.  Proving that B isn’t the only one capable of evil mind games, Chuck hired a girl named Amanda to woo Dan, all in an effort to convince Serena to reclaim her rightful place as queen of Constance Billiard.  The ploy worked, and now S is in charge, Dan is shunned, and Blair has to share the spotlight with her supposed best friend.

On tonight’s Gossip Girl, the Upper East Siders head to New York Fashion Week, where the rivalry between Blair and Serena reaches very well-dressed new heights.

Fashion Week is on as tonight’s Gossip Girl kicks off.  Over in Brooklyn, which is hardly the sartorial capital of the world, Dan is chatting with Little J about the thrills of college applications.  Dan thinks his sister is headed to school, but Jenny is still burying herself in her internship to avoid the evil girl mafia.

Over at Constance Billiard, B plans to win over the girls with second row invitations to Fashion Week.  She passes out the sought after invites, but B quickly gets shown up when the mafia sees Serena and socialite Poppy Lifton in the latest issue of Women’s Wear Daily.  Apparently, they’re BFFs now.  Chuck tries to rub the embarrassment in B’s face, but she snaps back by telling him he has fewer friends that Dan Humphrey.  Ouch!

All of Dan’s college essays are autobiographical, which is boring his Pulitzer-winning adviser to death.  The guy tells him to get out in the world and experience something new.  To get started on his little adventure, he goes to visit Mr. Debauchery himself: Chuck Bass.  They make plans to go out on the town, though Chuck (Ed Westwick) seems less than thrilled with the idea.  At Eleanor Waldorf Designs, Little J convinces her boss to invite Serena and her new socialite friends to Fashion Week to help their show trump the Marc Jacobs presentation.  B not only has a screaming fit when she finds out the news, but she immediately plots to annihilate Jenny Humphrey.

Read the rest here.

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