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Gossip Girl Never Been Marcused - Recap

September 9, 2008

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Once again, another excellent episode of Gossip Girl!!  Packed full of OMFG moments!!  Here’s a great recap of the episode courtesy of TV Squad:

We are once again in The Hamptons and things are still not peachy for our favorite troubled teens and their parents. Blair tries to please The Lord and learn more about him, Chuck continues his search for the piece of information that will have Blair come back to him and ditch Marcus, Serena and Dan think and get busy, and much more. But, as the quote I put at the beginning of this review points at, it’s Catherine who wins the crown for most memorable character of the episode. And, as someone who already watched next week’s episode, I can say that you ain’t seen nothing yet. She is on sick lady.

As I warned you last week and in my “What to expect in season two of Gossip Girl” post, Serena and Dan are going through a rough patch. This week, we’ve seen the start of it all when both of them agreed they have to think. Since their physical attraction towards one another is pretty strong, the couple has difficulties staying apart in order to really think about their relationship. It’s clear that there are unresolved issues between the two that could lead to a break up, especially if they down sit down and chit chat about things. Since they are two busy being with one another, that needed talk will happen at a later time.

On a side note, I know Serena was trying to seduce Dan on the bus ride, but strawberries dipped in chocolate on a bus? Really? Okay, maybe a wrapped sandwich from the bus terminal’s vending machine wouldn’t have been as seductive.

Read the rest here.

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